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Beating the sugar beast is a book recommended for people of all races. Although it targets African Americans, the author's techniques and strategies apply to everyone who desires a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes is one of several chronic illnesses dominant within the black community. Nevertheless, Maye provides a relatable case study and other suggestions to help those suffering from the disease to develop habits that help with medication management, daily glucose checks, and other behavioral changes. Even if you have not been diagnosed with this chronic illness, I highly recommend reading this book. It could change your life!


-Brandee Norris

This is a well-written, easy-to-follow book. Not only does it offer lifestyle changes and practical advice to those living with Type 2 diabetes, but also for those of us who want to avoid the diagnosis. If you are ready to learn more, and make better choices for yourself and those around you, make sure to order your copy today.

-Amazon Customer

I had the pleasure of meeting Adrienne Maye today at the Juneteenth Celebration on Marietta Square. She had booth providing resources on diabetes. I purchased her book and just finished reading it. Although the subtitle is Lifestyle Management for People of Color Living with Diabetes, I suggest that her book is for anyone who is diagnosed with diabetes, or a family member who has. Reading Adrienne Maye's book enabled me to evaluate where I am in dealing with diabetes (Type II). Although I don't have the financial issues that she addresses, everything else applies to me; behavior changes, eating healthy, activity and weight management and monitoring my sugar level. This is a beautifully written book that I recommend highly. It has given me a renewed spark to improve my diabetes health, and to also have a deeper understanding of the people who Adrienne is deeply concerned about. I liked her case study near the end of the book in which she showed how difficult it is for us to change behaviors that been developed over decades. This is an excellent resource book, and more than that it will bring you in contact with someone who you can reach out to for help.

-Jack Hassard

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