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Prediabetes Power Pack: Navigating Fitness, Snack Solutions & Nourishing Choices


Welcome to the Prediabetes Power Pack – your all-in-one solution! Unleash the power of exercise tips that provides a variety of choices for people living with prediabetes, discover mouth-watering snack solutions, and receive practical healthy eating tips. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a thriving, well-balanced life—all for just $27! 


What you will get: 

  • A Transformation Within Your Budget. If you're eager to take charge of your prediabetes journey without breaking the bank, the Prediabetes Power Pack, is your ticket to unlocking a wealth of valuable insights and practical tips that will revolutionize your approach to exercise, snacking, and eating habits.
  • From Guess Work to A Targeted Strategy. The Prediabetes Power Pack modifies exercise from a guessing game to a targeted strategy. Experience heightened energy levels, improved cardiovascular health, and a renewed sense of excitement as you embrace exercise tips that will attempt to make your fitness routine purposeful and effective.
  • Wise and Practical Eating Tips. Transform your eating habits with practical tips for long-term well-being using the Prediabetes Power Pack. This tool helps you make informed, nourishing choices and cultivate a balanced lifestyle beyond managing prediabetes—it's a blueprint for lifelong health. It puts you in control of your health!
  • Bonus Pages!! Within the Power Pack, we've included weight loss goal sheets, weight loss trackers, recipe & meal planners, workout logs, water trackers, grocery food lists, and so much more!

Transform your prediabetes journey today for just $27!

Prediabetes Power Pack

$27.00 Regular Price
$20.25Sale Price
  • 37-Page Digital download

    Digital file type(s): 1 PDF

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